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  • Additional time bonus from 30% to 2%
  • Additional amount bonus from 100% to 6.25%
  • Price compensation to level 1 EUR = 10 ZIG, whatever (crypto)currency is used to pay for ICO

1 ETH = 2400 ZIG
20-11-2017 12:00 UTC
19-04-2018 12:00 UTC

Total max 531M ZIG emitted

350M ZIG available on ICO (66%)

Welcome to Ecex Exchange

Electronic Claims Exchange
Pooling various types of contractual debts.
Already 1100+ accounts opened!

In today's financial sector is not possible to sell the bills to another owner. Same applies to claims, factoring agreements etc. as well. It means that there is a gap in the market, and that is why Ecex Exchange is here to fill the void by producing market systems which allow active (stock market like) trading with invoices and claims.(claim market).

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Ecex Exchange Trading System.

Trading system

The first and most important tool is trading system, exchange for invoices, claims and others subjects for cession agreements.

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Exchange information

The second important tool is spread of our Exchange information flow through leading brokerage firm community. Ecex Exchange launches trading platform free to use for members and customers.

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The third tool is blockchain, especially digital signature.

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Ecex Exchange Vision

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Using best of blockchain and traditional technology Ecex Exchange will unchain billions dollars business of assignments (claims).

PlanetZiggurat goal is to bring assignments on Ecex.Exchange (Electronic Claims Exchange) trading platform. We will fill the gap by creating a market environment, the system for an active trading platform of assignment agreements. This means changing of owners of a multitude of agreements and documents, such as claims, invoices and factoring agreements all together assignments.

The regular thing what everybody trading is buy-sell agreement. It is very easy to understand, every investor can buy stock and he assumed that is happening behind the electronic market system, how the trade matching takes place and what is the consequences in account then the deals are finally ended.

But in the ecosystem which is mostly same as the stock market and built only for claims, rights, and receivables, operates on basis assignment agreement, there are great possibilities spread around the world and win the customers everywhere.

PlanetZiggurat is aiming for 1 million trades per day by the end of the third year. Our revenue will come from services including: trading fees, issuer background check systems, digital signing, exchange member fees etc. The cash flow will be similar to stock exchange business. The only difference will be instruments and a set of agreements.

Using Ziggurat (ZIG) utility token as payment it is possible to close deals via smart contract, no thirdparties are needed. ZIG token will as pricelist basis will also standardize prices whatever input currency you use for service fees.

ICO Info

Total: 531,000,000 Ziggurat (ZIG) Tokens

Ziggurat utility token is the fuel of Ecex Exchange used to pay for services and assignments .

Public Offering

350,460,000 ZIG

Current Emission

56,064,172 ZIG

Token Holders (Eth network)


Token Holders (Ecex Accounts)


ICO Start

20th of November 2017, 12:00 UTC (midday)


19th of April 2018, 12:00 UTC (midday)


Price is 1 ZIG = 0.1 EUR whatever currency or cryptocurrency is used for payment

Participating in ICO

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